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Moving Services

Long Distance:

Are you moving to a new state? No matter the location you can count on US Moving & Storage to help plan your move. As resident’s you already have so much up your plate, and to take on another high-stress responsibility can easily turn a task into a nightmare. Within our time in the industry, US Moving & Storage has helped over 10,000 families and individuals with their move; and we continue to grow our clientele while maintaining our 5 star customer service attitude.

Professional Packing:

Packaging belongings properly isn’t as simple of a task as it may sound. Matter of fact for most movers it can be the most frustrating and stressful part of the move. We understand no one wants to experience broken items during a move. One of the favorable benefits of have a moving broker professionally packing your belongings is the ease of mind knowing your move is being taken care of without the need of you lifting a finger – the way it should be.

White Glove Moving:

Let’s first clear the playing field and say no we don’t wear white gloves when moving your items. Instead, it’s a reference to the mover’s always careful yet steady hands having to take it up a notch to handle items that are delicate, fragile, or need special care. We understand no one wants to experience broken items during a move.

Our Quotes:

Providing excellence, transparency, and affordable services is a top priority at US Moving & Storage. We know we’re not the only moving Service available; but what we do know is our reliability and competitive rates are the main factors why clients choose us over our competitors. Our quotes are based off a combination of services, mileage, Cubic Feet, and time frame. No matter the size or destination, US Moving & Storage can and will safely meet your moving needs.

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US Moving & Storage is a licensed and bonded moving broker with over 10 years of experience helping individuals and families move long distance nationwide